Why get a coach?

I created my Success Coaching Practice because I believe it is my calling to work with, empower, inspire, and motivate high-potential executives, creatives, and entrepreneurs.

I know first-hand how magnificent and vast human potential is; we all have unique and profound gifts, but whether or not we choose to develop and use them is up to us.

I help my clients get clear on what they want, set up individualized success plans with emphasis on both tangible and intangible goal-based outcomes, and do both the internal and external work that is required to thrive in their lives.

Success Coaching is a powerful fusion of business coaching, life coaching, and health coaching. Kenneth strives to work with his clients to significantly increase the quality of their lives.


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I'd like to suggest a mindset going into this week: let's clear out the Clean Slate mentality. Don't wait for the "ideal" time to change - which is usually picked by an arbitrary date on the calendar. It does not serve us to think that there is a better moment to change other than the present moment. Adopt the ASAP mentality. It doesn’t matter what you pursue, success doesn’t happen in the past or the future. Success happens in the ever-unfolding present. The person you are today is the result of every single decision you’ve ever made in the past. If you want a better future, then you need to make the right choices NOW. Never take for granted that YOU decide who you are.

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Kenneth's Story

For 12 years, I followed a successful path in baseball moving from achievement to achievement. I was a talented and hard working athlete, and my journey took me from Little League all the way up to professional baseball in the MiLB. There always seemed to be a logical next step for me within baseball, but after a long period of dissatisfaction and a feeling of disconnection from myself, I realized that I wanted to pursue something else, and I decided to step away from baseball in 2011. 2011 was a chaotic year… It started with some high highs and ended with some low lows: I graduated from Elon University, I played in my first season of professional baseball, I came out as gay, I played in my last season of professional baseball, I was disowned, I experienced a painful breakup, and found myself homeless. I essentially went from feeling like I had the world in my hands, to feeling like I had no direction, no purpose, and most notably, no value.

During my week-long stint of homelessness, I remember staring out onto the train tracks at the Christopher Street 1 Train Station in New York City, and feeling as if my life was over. I noticed a large New York City rat, the largest I had ever seen, running up the train track with a large piece of food in its mouth. I had an epiphany. I thought: “If this creature of lesser intelligence than I can not only survive, but thrive, under these same conditions that I am in, then what the hell am I doing sitting here feeling sorry for myself?” That rat was the spark that I needed to light the fire that has turned into my burning resolve now. I reached out to a friend for help, and although it was a long-shot, I received it.

I discovered my own personal voice and message teaching in the group fitness industry at Barry’s Bootcamp, Flywheel Sports, and PROJECT by Equinox, while simultaneously starting my own private training business combining fitness, mindset, and spirituality. My private training business evolved into my Success Coaching business, where I combine my BA in Psychology, my experience as a Division 1 College and professional athlete, my training credentials through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, over a decade of spiritual and psychological research, my credentials as a graduate of iPEC coaching school, and my experience as an entrepreneur in New York City.

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